The AMP-IT-UP project is a Design and Development educational research project funded by the National Science Foundation.  A major goal was to evaluate the effect of the AMP-IT-UP curricular interventions on student learning, engagement, self-efficacy, 21st Century Skills, retention, and intention to persist in STEM.

Results of research indicated the following.
Middle school students who participated in STEM-ID for at least 2 years received higher standardized achievement test scores in math and science, and showed higher academic self-efficacy and higher engagement in science and technology. 
For each year of participation in STEM-ID, there were significant increases on students’ behavioral and cognitive engagement, and interest in science. 
After participating in STEM-ID, students were able to transfer knowledge between STEM subjects, reflect a better understanding of the Engineering Design Process, and show improvement in critical thinking skills.

Test scores of students using the STEM-ID engineering curriculum in 2 public middle schools
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